GFNY Podcast: Mailbag Special

This week on the GFNY Podcast, your hosts Chris Geiser and Christian Parrett took listener questions and broke them down.

In Part 1, they discussed the specifics of big-gear training. This is a topic that’s been brought up on the podcast before, but in this episode, Christian broke down exactly how he incorporates it: what cadence, what length of interval, and at white time during the season. Listen Here. 

In Part 2, they responded to a question on correctly setting FTP. Christian discussed how you can go wrong if you set your FTP and zones incorrectly, and one of the easiest ways to get your FTP set correctly. Listen Here. 

In Part 3, they discuss racing at altitude, specifically the moderately high altitudes of races like GFNY Vaujany and Santa Fe. Do you need to acclimate for these races? What’s the simplest way to take on high altitude and long climbs? Listen Here.

And as always, remember that GFNY Coaching is available wherever you prefer to listen: