GFNY Uppsala cycling marathon takes you from the dynamic, energetic bustle of Sweden’s 4th largest city to the breathtaking nature of Uppsala County.

The race week activities take place at Ulva Kvarn, an artisan and craft village just north of Uppsala that was built at the rapids of the Fyrisån river. You will be picking up your race packet, lining up for the start, and enjoying the post-race celebrations, music, awards, and the post-race BBQ at this charming, must-visit Uppsala destination, surrounded by Ulva Kvarn's relaxing and beautiful nature.

The race starts directly from Ulva Kvarn and heads northwest. Set in the tranquility of the glorious Uppsala countryside, the magnificent GFNY Uppsala long course loop will take you past dozens of small lakes, a wildlife refuge, nature preserves, forests, charming villages, horse farms, cattle ranches, and more. 

The small, windy, twisty roads were created through history and shaped by nature and animal and human use, resulting in roads that are ultra fun for cycling: a constant up-down over gentle hills and left-right-left-right turns. The stillness and vastness of the Uppsala County nature will make you understand why this place was chosen thousands of years ago by the Vikings. Through preservation and care, Uppsala has guarded the breathtaking nature to this day.
The unpaved road segments are hard packed and in good condition for your road bike or your gravel bike. Take care to obey road rules and exercise usual care as any time you ride and adhere to traffic laws on open roads.
While there are no significant climbs on this course (the highest point of the race is at 82masl), it will give you the impression the course is flat. But the long route accumulates 1590m of climbing because the road is constantly rolling. Your legs will be constantly adjusting to the changing topography, which will probably be your biggest challenge of the day.
Medium route riders will complete one loop. At the end of the 55 km-long loop, medium route riders will turn left to head to the finish line at Ulva Kvarn. The long route riders will turn right, and continue on to complete the loop a 2nd time. At the end of the 2nd loop, the long route riders will turn left to head back to the finish line and post-race celebrations at Ulva Kvarn.

Long Course

LONG COURSE IS A COMPETITION: Only the finishers of the long course are eligible for category rankings and Overall and Podium awards. If you want to race and be ranked in your category, you must complete the long course. Top 10% of finishers in each age group earn a spot in the Qualifier Corral at every GFNY World event.

Medium Course

MEDIUM COURSE IS NOT A COMPETITION: The riders of the medium course will be provided their start-to-finish time, but will not be ranked by finish time. All finish times will be listed in alphabetical order.

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